Monday, July 20, 2009

Lil Mak Marialena " The first Armenian girl who raps"

    Lil Mak Marialena was at age of 5 when she first realized she had special love for Rap.It was at that early age she started to create little poems and "sing" them in a rap style. Little Manan (Lil' Mak)  started to transform into rap  all the poems she had learned at that time. Lil Mak started to perform that poems in the  show-concerts organized by the Arapkir Community. She had her mom  and her mom's aunt, who was a well known Opera singer and a professor in Armenian State Conservatory, to work with little Mananik, trying to teach her singing. But she was more interested in dancing, so her parents took her to the ballet  class at the Opera and Ballet State Theater. Then she went for Shitoryu Karate Do and won the Third place in the 11-12 age girls  group of Armenian  Open Competition in 2002, to totally forget about learning playing piano from her Mom, and playing  flute from her Dad. In 2003 she moved to USA where she finally realized that music is the field she wants to be in. So she went to music school
 to learn singing from her mom, and not forgetting to continue writing poems, which are very good lyrics to rap. Lil Mak started to perform while being a student at school. Later she got promoted by Big D, to perform in  Big D entertainment Shows. She  has performed in UCLA and also in various community fairs...Lil Mak Marialena has made songs with people of different nationalities, such as french, hispanic, afro-american.We all are eager to hear these and other songs in her upcoming album. Lil Mak Marialena chose to follow her Hip-Hop Rap Dreams ...
This young artist known as  the First Armenian Female Rapper has shown a potential that promises to surprise us with new projects... and you might find this very interesting.
Who would think that an armenian girl would rap? Well Lets wait and see what this young girl is about to. Her songs are very interesting to hear Its like there is something new that nobody hasn't heard yet... her rapping is very unique.....

"Lil Mak Marialena"

You can watch some videos on youtube:

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